Use of Goose Green

The main purpose of the area is to provide additional village green facilities for residents of Wolvercote, especially young people. It is available for casual use, including ball games, without charge and without pre-booking. The area can be booked although it is expected that this will be rare. In the event of a booking, at least a week’s advance warning will be posted on the noticeboard and casual use will be suspended for the duration of the booking.

Booking Arrangements

  1. Eligibility for booked use: Residents of Wolvercote, as defined in the Commoners’ Constitution. The Wolvercote Young People’s Club will have priority. Non-residents and commercial users will be considered, where appropriate. Bookings by the latter will be strictly limited in number.
  2. Amount of use, time of use (bookings): At Wolvercote Commoners Committee’s discretion. All bookings are subject to weather conditions, to prevent damage to the sward, and must be made at least a week in advance.
  3. Charges for booked use. These will be as follows:
    • Recreational use: £10 per session (defined as a morning, an afternoon, an evening, or any part thereof).
    • Recognised Youth Groups. Free, but voluntary donations are always welcome.
    • Commercial organisations, voluntary groups charging for admission. £20 per session or £60 per day.
    • Car boot sales or use as a car park for nearby events (cars and minibuses only). £2 per vehicle.
    • All hire charges must be paid in advance. If it becomes necessary to cancel or restrict a booking for any reason, an appropriate refund will be made.
  4. All hirers must provide proof of suitable insurance cover.
  5. Wolvercote Commoners Committee reserves the right to waive or increase charges or refuse a booking, at its discretion.

The hirer is to leave the site as found. Repairs or additional clearing up required after hire may result in the levying of additional charges, or refusal of future bookings.

The Wolvercote Commoners Committee will hold all money taken as a result of the use of Goose Green in a separate financial account.